Date June 16, 2022
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Driven by a mission: Staff Development Day returns to College Hill

More than 1,000 Brown staff convened on campus for a spirited day packed with workshops, tours, 在第28届年度员工发展日上举办的社区影响项目等活动——这是自2019年以来首次举行的面对面活动.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [凯时k66登录] — Less than three weeks after orchestrating a double Commencement and Reunion Weekend like no other, more than 1,000 Brown staff members gathered Wednesday, June 15, on a College Green peppered with food tables, drink stations, games and swag bags — and this time, the celebration was for them.

It was a scene absent in 2020, experienced only behind computer screens in 2021, but on full display in 2022: Colleagues laughing, hugging, 边吃早饭边赶着去拥挤的所罗门教学中心找个座位,为凯时k66登录首页开课 28th annual Staff Development Day, 这一传统致力于大学员工通过研讨会投资于个人和专业成长, lectures, tours, community impact projects and more.

In a morning address, President Christina H. 帕克森强调,今年的庆祝活动是对整个校园员工的鼓舞人心的工作的证明,这些工作每天都在凯时k66登录首页的幕后发生.

Whether it’s through event coordination, advancement, communications, dining services or any of the thousands of ways staff contribute, “你所做的是支持一所真正以使命为导向的大学……”她说. “Know that you’re important contributors to the work, and that through your work here, you are advancing the public good. That’s something we can all take a lot of pride in.”

这一天,员工们不仅回顾了过去几年所面临的挑战,他们的自豪感确实很明显, but on how they were able to face them. 上午和下午的会议,其间有员工午餐、农贸市场和小贩集市, a 26-year tradition at Staff Development Day — tackled an array of timely topics, from adaptive leadership to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

今年的项目还介绍了机构公平和多样性办公室的全球包容日, which will launch formally in 2023. As part of the preview, staff could register for events with a DEI focus, 包括肯尼索州立大学社会研究教育教授安素贤凯时k66登录流行病种族化的主题演讲, 以及带领参与者发现整个校园dei相关资源的寻宝游戏.

Making a positive community impact, too, was a big component of the day. One of this year’s service offerings, which in prior years have included activities like park clean-ups, tree planting and even a world record-breaking event, centered on bringing joy to children in the foster care system. 在一个因为需求太大而必须有注册上限的会议上, staff decorated panels to be attached to brand-new, 为孩子们量身定制的行李袋,用来运输他们的物品,为那些不总是有机会被庆祝的孩子精心制作鼓舞人心的生日贺卡和盒子.

Chantelle Tangui与YearUp全国校友会合作组织了这次会议, where she serves as the board’s Northeast regional representative. 唐贵,大学人力资源学院教学技术专家 YearUp她说,她会抓住每一个机会让这样的项目发生. 通过员工发展日,她决定将社区服务工作融入到大学的角色中,这是一个显而易见的选择.

“I love being a connector,” Tangui said. “把人们与资源、机会、组织和其他人联系起来——我喜欢这样. 能够看到凯时k66登录首页的员工社区中所有这些不同联系的结果是非常值得的.”


Dawn Browne, a therapist at Counseling and Psychological Services, said that at the beginning of her career, 她与寄养系统中的孩子们一起工作,感到有必要回馈社会.

“As a mom, 一想到孩子在生日或其他节日没有什么特别的东西,我就心痛不已,” she said. “但我知道他们的经历的重要性,以及像这样简单的事情对这些孩子们的影响. Whatever I can do to help — especially children — I will.”

That sentiment was echoed by Tina Botelho, 谁说她选择这个课程是因为她“想做一些能对最小的人产生最大影响的事情?.” Botelho works in financial and administrative services as a finance specialist and is no stranger to service; in her 32 years at the University, 她参加了凯时k66登录医院举办的每一个员工发展日,并希望退休后在医院新生儿重症监护室做志愿者.

Botelho sat next to colleague Sheena Gilliard, 她是一名学生会计代表,她的丈夫在寄养家庭长大,她鼓励她报名参加会议. As they decorated duffel bag panels with stars, butterflies and inspirational messages, the two reflected on the impact that simply brightening someone’s day might have.

“It’s never not worth it,” Botelho said as others gathered around the table, smiling and nodding in agreement.

“It’s never not worth it,” they repeated.